I started up the special finance department at Nyle Maxwell CDJR in Taylor Texas 2 years ago. I knew in order to get the department up and running properly I would need a way to reach out in a personal manner and bring in the subprime clients to build a great special finance department. I read a lot about the credit builder campaign that Direct Results Marketing was using at other locations to target the subprime market. We started off slow only mailing out 5-6k pieces a month but the results were amazing. On the 5-6k piece drops we were receiving 110-125 leads and closing 15-20 deals a month which was a huge reason why we hit our Chrysler numbers 12 months straight last year. Mr. Walenta, the owner of Direct Results Marketing, is a very hands on individual. Anytime I had questions or concerns, he did not hesitate to get them answered and handled. I enjoy dealing with a company that is run by the person that is helping you put together all your marketing campaigns etc. To this day we continue to do the Credit Builder campaign every single month. We have also started to do several other direct mail campaigns under the advice of Mr. Walenta and Direct Results Marketing that help us target our core buyers along with getting the consumers to switch from other competitors brands. I highly recommend any dealership that is currently doing direct mail campaigns to give these guys a shot. They deliver exactly what they say they do.