It’s 2017 and the landscape has changed – now, marketing is all about data! In order to succeed, you’ve got to keep up with it. Direct Results Marketing can help with precision targeting. Precision targeting accomplishes three goals for our clients:

  1. Prevent wasted advertising dollars
  2. Increase market share
  3. Build a solid customer base for each store

Why Get the Data

Precision targeting is a strategy that allows businesses to learn more about their customers, thus giving them the ability to better communicate with and provide for them. In order to increase sales, you have to get to know your clients – sex, age, location… going beyond gathering the data and learning to actually understand the demographics of your client base and the results-based patterns within them can shed light on what works best for your dealership. In other words, precision targeting keeps your sales moving in a positive direction!

Why it Works

It’s not just the data that helps improve your sales; it’s also the ability to better provide what future clients are looking for. Through precision targeting, your dealership will learn how best to grab consumers’ attention and get them in the door. Because it’s not just about getting them to listen – it’s about making them repeat customers. Providing information on sales and pricing is a great way to hook future clients and keep them coming back consistently.

Contact Direct Results Marketing for Your Precision Targeting

Auto dealerships need to bring in strong results. Don’t let your dealership fall back. Direct Results Marketing combines comprehensive market research, in-house data analytics, and an exceptional team with over 25 years of experience to provide your dealership with unbeatable service. We are the go-to experts in finding the right consumers who want or need a car right now. If you’re ready to add precision targeting to your marketing strategy, contact Direct Results Marketing today! Call us now at to get started on your journey to success.