When it comes to generating new leads and sales for your business, direct mail remains one of the best and most successful options. According to the US Postal Service (USPS), 39% of households find advertising mail interesting, compared to 9% for e-mail advertising and 3% for telemarketing. USPS research also shows that business mail doesn’t get screened as aggressively as e-mail is filtered – and businesspeople often keep useful mail in mail “library”.

But launching a successful direct mail campaign requires planning, consistency, and expertise. Just because you’re spending money on direct mail doesn’t mean that your campaign is working!

Before you implement your next campaign, read these proven, easy-to-implement strategies for generating 2, 3, 4 or even ten times more leads, responses and sales from your direct mail.

Developing Your Mailing List

The most significant component of any direct mail campaign is the mailing list. Experts say that the quality of your mailing list represents at least 40% of any direct mail campaign’s success. So if you’re mailing to the wrong prospects or an outdated or inaccurate list, chances are good that your campaign won’t be a success. You have to reach prospects who are both right and qualified for your products and services.

Getting Your Mail Opened

44% of direct mail is thrown away unopened, which means that it fails to convince the recipient to open it. If you can’t get prospects to open your mail, then you won’t even have the chance to convince them to call you or to buy your service or product.