What We Do

We use digital marketing services to help increase your foot traffic as well as vehicle sales.

Our tactics include:

  1. Increase Branding and Engagement

    Our job is to make sure that your audience is aware of your brand. We want to make sure we can capture your customer’s attention at the right time. Your business must be a choice in the minds of consumers in order to be chosen.

  2. Higher ROI

    When we combine multi channel digital marketing with traditional direct mail advertising, it helps boost your results and even effectiveness in both areas.

  3. Cost Effective

    When it comes to what you’re paying for, you want something that brings results. We eliminate waste in the ad spend and if we can’t track it back to an actual transaction or auto intender we don’t do it.

Start with DATA

ROI graphWith the right data, you can pinpoint where to focus your marketing dollars instead of guessing. Find out what kind of car they are looking to purchase or are currently driving and leverage that information to drive sales for your business. Eliminate waste in your ad spend by marketing only to consumers most likely to buy from you.

Finding New Customers

You can’t rely on the same old customers. In order to help your dealership grow and get better results, you need to grow your audience. What do you look for to help identify your targeted audience?

Begin the Conversation

Like any long term relationship you can’t just jump in right away expecting to get immediate results. You have to connect first. So how do you do that? Start a conversation with a person by using their:

These connections can help bring a potential client that much closer to closing a sale – particularly when hit with a synergistic message repeatedly.

Measure Your Success

It’s important to know how successful your marketing channels are doing. By tracking engagement online and using point of sale data, we ensure that your marketing dollars are generating real results.

A Honda Case Study

Honda dealership case studyWe were able to help a Honda dealership increase their sales. We created a strategy to increase their foot traffic vehicle sales by targeting new customers with digital marketing. Their audience size was 25,000 in-market buyers. We helped send 25,000 emails and 50,000 display impressions. We sent our emails to in-market shoppers living close to the dealership. Also, we sent our ads to their mobile devices, tablets, and even their desktops. Throughout the process, we were able to accurately track their results and success of their digital marketing campaign.

In the end, we were able to bring 23 vehicle sales to their dealership. That is easily over 100x in ROI!

Using digital display advertising is a great way to advertise not just your dealership, but what you have to offer. The internet is constantly used by many users. To up your advertising, using ads can capture a potential client’s attention if promoted properly.

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