What You Can Expect from Direct Results Marketing

Direct Results Marketing is a different kind of agency. That may sound like something you’ve heard before, but we back it up in ways our competitors can’t. For over five years we have been representing some of the largest volume automotive dealers nationwide. Our unique, highly disciplined approach is at the core of everything we do. It makes us who we are, and it’s why we boast some of the longest and strongest client relationships in the industry.

How do we maintain a Retention Rate of 94%?

It’s all about the service. In a highly competitive industry, you have to separate yourself by paying attention to the details. We realize that each of our customers has unique and specific needs, and we repeatedly demonstrate that our service doesn’t stop when prospects reach the sales floor. Not only do we consistently provide our dealers with innovative marketing techniques to increase sales, but also create an experience that is based on trust. Our customers know they don’t have to worry about their advertising efforts and events, Direct Results has it covered!  We live by three core beliefs that are at the root of our company culture:  Integrity First, Customers Before Self, and Excellence in Everything We Do.

We are focused on getting the best conversion rates in specific marketing channels including Direct Mail, Email Marketing, and Staffed Events.

Why Use Direct Results Marketing?

Direct Results focuses on media that delivers quantifiable results because we believe if it’s not measurable it’s not meaningful. That is what separates us from the rest of the pack. We develop integrated marketing solutions to help you reach the most responsive prospects across multiple touch points. We attack each of our client’s campaigns with passion, creativity and an eye towards generating positive results.

We deliver unmatched response rates for our dealers because everything we do is based on three core tenets:

  • We spend the time to truly understand our client’s business strategies and visions
  • We don’t focus on selling a single product one time or trying to leverage all of the margins and profitability into that particular job
  • We employ rigorous strategic and analytical processes behind every decision

Through our detailed and systematic approach, we analyze every aspect of a client’s current marketing efforts. Then, we rebuild the campaign and maximize the results for every dollar spent, while infusing new ideas that are results orientated. We follow a strategic, creative process that ensures every communication is clear and easy to understand. We firmly believe — and have proven again and again — that a clear communication will beat a clever concept every time. Our efforts consistently keep your brand at the top of consumers’ minds.

How Do We Measure Success?

Our relentless focus on results rather than subjective qualities ensures we consistently deliver on two key promises:

  • 1. We’ll help you drive down the costs of acquiring new customers
  • 2. Our Guarantees are put into place to ensure that the client’s investment is protected and backed up by iron-clad results


Not Convinced Yet?

The core of our philosophy is clear communication. We handle the Design, Print, Delivery and Tracking of every direct mail campaign. We have the most creative content in the industry with the quickest turnaround times. We are skilled media buyers that understand your advertising and marketing dollars must be maximized in every facet. Our formula is tested time and time again.  We do not sell a piece unless we have tested it in different markets and with different brands. What does this mean? We know what works!  While most direct advertising companies are trying to sell you the next great innovation in direct mail (for an upcharge), Direct Results Marketing is eliminating “the fluff.” We know exactly which innovations work, and we never use our customers as guinea pigs.

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